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A re-boot isn't just for computers

The family and I recently went to Vancouver to visit one of our sons who works there and I admit, I went a bit feral.

The reason? I put thought into my outfits every single day. I see myself as my own walking CV and my professional integrity means I present myself in a way I see as appropriate for my job. Day in, day out.

So on holiday, I can let all of that go and just focus on the moment, not what I’m wearing. It was like pushing the reboot button.

It was also an action packed holiday (including camping on a really basic site) and that meant functionality won over anything else time and time again. At one point I even had tie dye socks on with my Skechers and didn’t give a flying f**k about it.

Make up was also on hold and my hair had a break from being either straightened or curled. I also stepped away from social media.

It was a case of stripping everything right back and having a proper break from my daily routine. A spot of true downtime and the chance to just ‘be’.

I know this isn’t for everyone. I work with women who relish their holiday wardrobe - perhaps because at work they are forced to wear things they wouldn’t normally choose or similar. But this holiday I needed a break from absolutely everything, to completely power down and it felt good to get back to the very basics.

You can tell it worked though because as soon as we got home, I was dying to step back into my old self. I’d enjoyed the simple life but not enough to want to continue in my day to day routine. So today a bit of light make up was back, a few accessories were donned and a ‘proper’ outfit was worn with relish.

Will you be re-booting this summer? x

How would you like to get body confident with your clothes?

All too often I work with women who have a downer on themselves. They feel they should be taller, slimmer, have a more defined waist, have perkier boobs.... I can say this with confidence as I was like that too. For years and years I felt I wasn't good enough, until I hit my 40s and figured I could go on being unkind to myself for the rest of my life, OR, I could accept who I am and work with what I have.


And that's where a science called anthropometry comes in. Anthropometry is the measure of human form and it's something I've studied closely. Both in terms of theory, but also in reality, having had the opportunity to work with over 200 incredible women of ALL shapes and sizes.


I truly believe that all women can look fabulous regardless of age, size or budget. You just need to get to grips with what works on your body. And I mean the body you have right now, not the one you had when you were in your 20's....!

So if you'd like to understand what is going to work for you once and for all, please do come along to an hour long workshop I'm running as part of Bristol Fashion Week. It's just £20 and during our time together I will show you the key to dressing with confidence.

You can get your hands on a ticket here but be quick as places are limited for each workshop (you can choose from 1 of 3 dates).

Would love to see you there and help you achieve the look you've always wanted x