The Big Clothes Swap is BACK!

I don't exactly know how it's happened but I've been convinced to host another huge clothes swap to raise funds for the charity Labour Behind the Label who work to improve the lives of garment workers around the world.

If you came last year you'll know how it works but if it's your first time, here's what to expect...

You will need a ticket to enter the event which is being held at the stunning venue of Leigh Court and upon arrival you will receive a glass of prosecco. You will need to bring 3 items of clothing that you don't wear, but you think another woman would love. These will be taken from you on arrival and placed on rails of clothes of that size. Once everyone has arrived and all the clothes are hung, I will formally open the event and you will be free to find another 3 items to take home!

Honestly, it's brilliant fun and all the women who attended last year had a blast as well as refreshing their wardrobe with some fabulous pieces. I've been busy collecting clothes for a while and the pre-loved designer boutique Village Green has also kindly donated so there will be over 100 items on the rails before anyone has even arrived!

To find out more and book your ticket, please click here 

Please come - I know you'll love it! xx