Celebrating in style (and why photographs are so important)

In September, my lovely mum reached 70 years young. She didn’t want a party and really didn’t want to be the centre of attention, but I somehow wanted all her family and friends to be a part of her special day. I therefore asked everyone who loves her to send me their photos of them with mum and any stories or anecdotes they had. I could then compile them into a big book of love to give to mum on her birthday so that she was surrounded by messages and images of all the people who were close to her.

And here was the problem. Although I had numerous phone photos of mum and I together, there was actually no ‘proper’ photos of us to speak of. I even dug out our wedding album out from years ago only to discover there weren’t any of us together in there either. I just found it so sad that the woman who has been my rock my entire life wasn’t captured on film. We simply had no quality mother & daughter shots so the simple solution was to arrange a birthday photoshoot to put this right!

I happen to know many many really talented photographers in Bristol but for this shoot, it had to be Viktoria Kuti. Why? Well apart from being one of the nicest people on the planet and a flipping brilliant photographer, the whole reason Vik set up her business was because she had no photos of her mum. I just knew, therefore, that she’d get where I was coming from and would understand the significance of the session.

So, the session was booked, we discussed what on earth to wear (yes, we did have outfit changes ready planned but that’s a whole other blog post!) and the big day finally arrived. Shari Knowles was our expert make up artist and really helped us feel amazing. Then Vik worked her magic with her camera and the time just flew by. The results….well see for yourself. We have an entire album of gorgeousness to treasure and here are just some of my favourites.

So if you’re thinking about having some professional shots taken, just do it! I’m both thrilled and thankful that we were able to celebrate 3 generations of women and now have beautiful images that will last a lifetime. The special bond that we share has been captured forever and I will never ever tire of looking at the images x