Your clothes are more powerful than you might think....

I don't want to get too deep, but there's a theory called 'enclothed cognition'. You might have seen it in action. It's an experiment where a group are divided into two and half the group are given laboratory coats to wear whilst sitting a exam.

The half that wear the coats consistently perform better because the very fact they are wearing a lab coat sends a message to their  brains that they were capable and well equipped to succeed. The experiment and theory clearly demonstrate there is a link between the clothes you wear and your subsequent actions. i.e. if you dress sharp, you feel sharp. It's a theory that resonates with me and I recognise the influence my clothes can have on my mood, my confidence, my choice of language and my outlook on life. You see, your clothes can have profound and systematic psychological consequences that you've probably never even considered!

So my question to you did your clothes make you feel today? Did they enhance your confidence, language and behaviour? If your answer is no, try a different look tomorrow. Inject some colour, add a bit of interest with some pattern, choose something you love, but just recognise how changing your clothes can change how you feel x